I have been asked many times if I have had any formal artistic training. Most of my friends tell me they had no idea I painted.  In truth, until recently, I didn’t.

I believe that we are all born with certain traits in our DNA. Who knows where they come from?  In my case, I must have inherited a few traits from my mother who was an amateur painter. When I was very young I remember watching her paint with watercolours and I tried to emulate what she was doing.  When I went away to boarding school and later in college, from time to time, I took painting classes whenever they were offered. After graduating , and literally for the next 50 odd years, the only art that I did was when my wife and I traveled and I took along with me a small sketch book and a palette of watercolours and would attempt to capture some of the wonderful scenes along the way.

In my recent retirement I decided to pursue this artistic passion that has always been in me. For whatever reasons, mostly to do with convenience, I decided to get with the times and see what I could do with sketching/painting digitally.  Of course one of the major drawbacks is that unlike with traditional painting there are no originals… only copies.